From pages 24-26 in Randy Alcorn’s booklet Heaven: Biblical Answers to Common Questions, we read

     “The thought of seeing God is shocking and almost blasphemous to anyone who understands the Old Testament teaching on the transcendence and inapproachability of God (Exodus 33:18-23). To see God’s face, as the sinners we are, is unthinkable. Yet, Revelation 22:4 says of God’s resurrected people on the New Earth, “They will see His face.” This means that something radical must have happened to us by then. It is only because we will be fully righteous in Christ, standing in our resurrected bodies, untainted by sin, that we will be able to see God and live. To see God will be our greatest joy. Not only will we see His face and live – we will likely wonder if we ever lived before we saw His face! Ancient theologians spoke of the beatific vision, which meant ‘a happy-making sight.’ The sight the spoke of was God Himself. The God who lives in unapproachable light became approachable in the person of Jesus (John 1:14). People could look at Jesus and see God. But Revelation 22:4 appears to speak of our actually seeing the face of God the Father. To see God’s face, we must be fully righteous in Christ, untainted by sin, in the glory of our resurrected bodies. ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God’ (Matthew 5:8). To look into God’s eyes will be to see what we’ve always longed to see: the person who made us and for whom we were made. And we will see Him in the place He made for us, and for which we were made. Seeing God will be like seeing everything else for the first time. We will discover that seeing God is our greatest joy, and life itself. Every other joy of heaven will be derivative, flowing from the fountain of our relationship with God. Beholding and knowing God, we will see ourselves, and all other people and events, through God’s eyes. We will spend eternity worshipping, exploring, and serving our great God. We will see his breath-taking beauty in everything and everyone around us.”

…as we were created to do, as Adam and Eve did before they sinned.

Every fourth Sunday of the month we celebrate The Lord’s Supper, or COmmunion. It reminds us that it was necessary for Jesus’ body to be broken and His blood to shed to renew that holy, sinless relationship with God. God, being holy and sinless, cannot be in relationship with sin or anything sinful. So, Communion reminds us that we now have the opportunity to see His face if we confess that Jesus is our Lord. If we do, we will eat supper with Him and be with Him in heaven after we die. Death, His blessing to us that we do not have to live in eternity in a sinful state.

If you have questions about heaven, where you will go when you die, God, and a relationship with God, we invite you to contact us at Living Water Church.